100 Ideas to Earn $1000/Month Passive Income

Now that I’ve said goodbye to SEO, its time for a new project.

In 2017, when I thought about starting a new project, I thought about numbers, big numbers. Revenue goals for a single business idea being close to 6-figures per month, or I wouldn’t consider it. That is fine, and when talking about running an agency, or running a high cost or high volume digital product at scale, this is a solid goal.

I have decided instead of one big kahuna, I’m going to do lots of smaller projects that I think are fun. ¬†Several small projects. A dozen or so small projects. Okay, 100 small projects.

Its so crazy it just might work.

I am going to complete 100 business projects (listed below), with the goal of earning $1000/month in passive profit from each one.

For each project, I will include a detailed post of how I did it, my timeline, profit/loss statements, what went right, and what went wrong. Hopefully this can be helpful to people who want to start a side business to make extra money or replace their 9-5, but don’t necessarily want to build a giant empire.

There are a few of rules:

  1. I have to be able to earn a minimum of $1000/month profit, not revenue from the business
  2. I am not allowed to be an employee of 95% of the businesses. I will choose 5 that I want to work “in.” This will include personal 1-on-1 coaching and other services that I can’t hire someone or partner with someone to manage for me.
  3. I must keep learning, by dedicating a minimum of 2hrs/week to studying business skills. This means the businesses that I build will get exponentially better as I build them. I will also review and summarize the books I read and courses that I take on my blog.
  4. They must be projects that I think are FUN and interesting. If it makes good money but I hate it the idea, the project is disqualified.
  5. I must do all this while maintaining my 15-hour work week and 2 weeks vacation / 10 weeks work schedule.
  6. I will choose 5 businesses and donate 100% of their profits to charity.


Right now I don’t have a fixed timeline. I’m going to get started, and see how it goes. This will be a multi-year project. My only goal is to keep moving forward, and have more “best” days than “rest” days (according to Jack Canfield’s method of redefining your time).

Benefits of having 100 small projects:

  • Creating jobs/partnerships/income for a minimum of 100 people
  • Being able to learn about lots of different industries
  • Reducing the scope of the project drastically. Setting the small goal of $1000 in profit per month allows me to focus on creating a fully working, scalable business that can run smoothly without me. Whereas in the past I sloppily raced past the “building” part and went right to “scaling.” But if my business can’t earn $1000/month without me, its not ready to scale! This will prepare me to have 100 scalable projects ready to go.
  • Spreading out my income across 100 different projects, i.e not having all my eggs in one basket
  • Avoiding burn out by doing lots of different things
  • The ability to discover a major “winner” by trying lots of different things (most successful people failed dozens of times before they succeeded)
  • Getting really good at starting and managing businesses from start to successfully turning a healthy profit
  • A new, laid-back perspective – building a business with the prospect of earning just $1000/month in profit is a lot less pressure than taking on a larger scale project
  • Building 100 sellable and scalable assets
  • Finally working on all the projects & ideas I’ve talked about, but never had time to do
  • Keeping my life fun & interesting!

Challenges of having 100 small projects:

  • Coughing up the start up capital for 100 projects that are only primed to earn only $1000/profit per month. That means, if I invest $12k into starting up a single business, it will take one year before the business pays its own debt. Times this by 100, and I am several hundred thousand dollars in debt, even though my cash flow will be high. This means I will want to keep my start up costs relatively low, which is going to put *some* limits on what I can build out.
  • Planning and execution of so many projects. I will have to follow a detailed project management plan so that I can track where each project is at any given time, what needs to be done next, and to make sure that the project keeps moving forward and doesn’t stall out.
  • Staffing & Delegation. I will need lots – no 100 – ambitious and dedicated people I can trust to work in my companies. A bad staffing decision alone can make or break the business.
  • More problems. In any business, problems are going to arise. The website will go down. The payment processor will freeze up. Inventory will run out. An angry customer will threaten us. Employees will suddenly quit. With 100 of these businesses going around, it is much more likely that while I am vacationing in Cambodia my phone will be ringing in the middle of the night with fires that my employees or partners need me to put out.

Without further ado, here is the list (there are 87 ideas so far):

Online Endeavors:

  1. High cost digital product sales w/ automated webinar
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Online membership website – unique niche
  4. iCanSEO
  5. Website flipping
  6. Selling domain names
  7. Pinterest craft/skill selling business
  8. Etsy store
  9. Website Rentals
  10. Hosting Company
  11. Authority Link Placements
  12. Content Marketing Firm
  13. Micro Directories
  14. Large Area Directory
  15. Family Travel Blog
  16. Adsense Income website
  17. Amazon affiliate website
  18. WordPress Development
  19. Funnel Development
  20. Newsletter Development
  21. Review Website
  22. Aggregate Affiliate Review Website
  23. CPA Affiliate Marketing
  24. E-Book Sales
  25. Agency SEO Coaching

Online + Local Community Endeavors:

  1. Local SEO
  2. Lead Selling
  3. Selling homemade chocolate candies
  4. Local Business Owner Interview and Publicity Site
  5. Local Top 3 or Top 10 site
  6. Brewing Directory
  7. Sell handmade crafts retail and online
  8. Create a physical print newsletter for B2B advertising
  9. Created brand authority for a talented artist and sell high-end artwork
  10. Custom furniture design company


  1. Creating a children’s iPhone game
  2. Game idea #1 T
  3. Game idea #2 H
  4. Puzzles for board games website
  5. Gift Tracker

Product & E-Commerce Endeavors:

  1. Dropshipping Business
  2. All Totems
  3. Shopify Store
  4. Amazon store
  5. Product Invention #1 – GC
  6. Product Invention #2 – SG
  7. Product Invention #3 – HS
  8. Product Invention #4 – BS
  9. License a Product
  10. Creating my own supplement #1 UI
  11. Creating my own supplement #2 NS
  12. Neuropothy cream partnership
  13. Shipping & Packing Solution service
  14. Subscription box
  15. Childrens Book Series
  16. Private label my own product
  17. Secure a private distribution deal with a newly invented product
  18. Write and distribute a book
  19. Create the best calendar/planner in the world
  20. Create a bite-sized spiritual wisdom book

Stick-and-Brick Businesses:

  1. Run a mall kiosk
  2. Coffee Shop / Ice Cream Shop
  3. Wedding rental business
  4. Bookkeeping Business
  5. Buy a franchise
  6. Indoor Playground for toddlers
  7. Food Cart/Food Truck
  8. Counseling center

Service Businesses:

  1. House cleaning company
  2. Interior painting company
  3. Interior decorating company
  4. Subscription Chef company
  5. Sell fresh ingredients to resteraunts
  6. Luxury service membership club
  7. Assistant share


  1. Buying a current business outright
  2. Stocks & trading
  3. Venture Capitalism
  4. Real Estate
  5. Peer 2 Peer lending

Misc Endeavors:

  1. 1-on-1 Business Consulting
  2. Mastermind Group
  3. Workshops & Classes & Conferences
  4. Public Speaking
  5. Life Coaching
  6. Building a business from scratch and selling for a $12,000 profit
  7. Building a donation based music lesson company
  8. Business Plan Development

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