I am ashamed to call myself an entrepreneur. 

An entrepreneur builds businesses, and today I realized that I haven’t truly built a business.

I’ve done technical work. I’ve performed a job that I’ve created for myself. And I’ve built out sections of a business. I’ve hustled a ton. And I got lucky by choosing to deliver a commodity that has a higher than average profit margin, along with very low overhead costs.

But I haven’t built a single, complete, smoothly running business.

I’m thankful that this has come to my attention before embarking on my new journey (my journey to build 100  businesses). And I’m excited to learn from my mistakes and build something better.

But boy do I feel pretty stupid.

I already posted about my major mistakes running the agency (you can find that post here). But I failed to notice the most crucial mistake I made – which is that I never built out a structure for a complete business! This is due to the fact that I was never really creating a business, I was creating a job for myself (fulfilling the product for clients).

I couldn’t see this until I removed my own personal attachment to the business, just a week or so ago. I feel like a fish out of water. Suddenly I can see what I couldn’t see when I was completely absorbed by it. I couldn’t see the water I was swimming in. Now that I’m out of that murky water, I can see it. The “curtain has opened” as Michael E Gerber would say, author of The E-Myth (a great book that every business owner should absolutely drop everything and read, right now).

e-myth review

So now what? Now, I go back to the drawing board. Literally. Josh put this whiteboard up for me today:

new planning board

I’m going to rethink some things. Okay, I lot of things. I already have several (read:five) projects going right now, that I’m going to rework and adjust.

So here goes.

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