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Be Obsessed or Be Average: Biggest Takeaway and One-Sentence Chapter Summary

How can you expect wild success if you’re not completely and crazily obsessed over what you’re doing?

I like this book a lot.

It was a fun, quick, inspiring read.

I already agree with pretty much all of Grant Cardone’s points in this book (and especially because I am already a big fan of The Ten Times Rule) so it wasn’t totally mind-blowing for me, but it very well could be for you.

summary of be obsessed or be average grant cordon

It has also sparked some interesting conversations with my children involving what it takes to buy your own private jet (Henry says he will pay for one by setting up a lemonade stand. I’m so proud of my budding entrepreneur.)

Key Takeaway:

Only those who are truly obsessed over their dreams will ever achieve them. 


One Sentence Chapter Summaries:

Chapter 1: Obsessions saved my life – and it will save yours.

Obsession can be negative OR positive, set yourself up to obsess over something that brings positivity to your life and you will be set.

Chapter 2: Obsession is your only option.

There has never been a truly successful person who wasn’t obsessed – therefore, obsession is a key trait for highly successful people.

Chapter 3: What to be obsessed with.

Tie your obsession with your deeper purpose and continually set new goals for yourself.

Chapter 4: Feed the beast

Go further into your obsession, despite what anyone else says.

Chapter 5: Starve the doubt

Ignore your fears/concerns/doubts no matter how strong they become – think about the Wright Brothers! With starvation they will slowly get smaller and eventually disappear.

Chapter 6: Dominate to win

Optimize your thoughts, attitude, time, and business processes.

Chapter 7: Stay dangerous

Take risks, try new approaches, don’t get comfortable, meet new people, go toward what scares you.

Chapter 8: Obsessed with sales

Be 1000% confident in your product and its ability to add immense value to anyone you are speaking to.

Chapter 9: Overpromise, overdeliver

Produce an incredible value product, and overdeliver on the already amazing results.

Chapter 10: Build an obsessed team

Bring on team members that are committed to your product and values.

Chapter 11: Be a control freak

Be okay controlling every aspect of your life and business; its YOUR LIFE. The dislike of micromanagement is for those who are unsuccessful and stuck.

Chapter 12: Obsessed with persistence

There is no excuse to quit, so keep moving forward and finish every goal you set out to achieve.

Chapter 13: Obsession forever

Obsession never stops, there is not an end goal. Keep going and pushing the boundaries of your potential.

You can order the book from Amazon here: Be Obsessed or Be Average.

Keep in mind that this is an affiliate link, which means a tiny percentage of the cost of the book will go to me. I donate 100% of my commissions to Lemonade Day, a program that teaches kids how to start, own, and operate their own business. These kids are learning business skills, goal setting, teamwork, responsibility, and financial savvy.



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