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Easy Productivity Trick…

If you are struggling with motivation & productivity, try this dumb but possibly life changing idea…

I have tried every productivity hack.

Nothing works for me.

Panda planner, things, OmniFocus, habit course by James clear, 7 highly effective habits, high performance habits, spreadsheets, dry erase boards, the one thing, iCal, family calendar, plain old sheet of paper and pen, reminders app, millionaire habits, gamifying habits, habits app (which I still love).

But I finally figured out what works for me.

And you know what it is?

Its way simpler than all that other stuff.

And it doesn’t take very long either.

Not to mention, its actually enjoyable! And totally kicks-starts my day.

Its is…

…Listening to the “I AM MOANNNAAAAAAA!” song about 5-10 times in a row, in the morning, and again at night.



That song is so inspiring. I like to listen to just the Moana part mostly, but when I do listen to the grandma part, it makes me tear up every. Single. Time.

You might be laughing at me right now.

But anyone who doesn’t get seriously pumped up when Moana sings “I am Moana!!!!!!!!!” Is dead inside.


This song is:

  • Powerful
  • Inspiring
  • Against ALL odds
  • And serves as the perfect reminder that following our dharma leads to the most perfect, adventurous, fulfilling, and magical life that we could ever live.
  • It reminds you to be who you are, even if it seems crazy or impossible or like it makes no sense!!
  • And it helps me to not only visualize who I am (which has been proven time after time to work toward achieving goals), but it also makes me FEEL who I am and where I want to go.


I’m not a person who wants to track a million different goals and habits every day. (Though I’d like to think that)
That boring stuff doesn’t make me get teary-eyed.


…when I think about who I truly am inside, and showing that to the world, and achieving everything that I know I have inside me…

That lights a fire under my ass. The good kind of fire.

I’m not saying that the “I am Moana” song is perfect for you (although it really might be, so I’ll leave it here for you ^^^^

But maybe when we think about productivity and habits, we should think more about firing up those deep desires before blindly following a boring system.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe 100 million percent in having systems. But I think lighting that fire – that was the missing piece for me.

The song literally lights up neurons in my brain that weren’t lit up before.

Sure I have goals. And sure I’m excited about them. But sometimes I am really in “flow” with those goals, and sometimes I’m not.

I still *know* what my goals are, but chemically in my brain, I’m just blah. Just regular average day Brittany.

Not the ‘absolutely-excited-and-inspired-by-the-greatness-that-is-the-world’ Brittany.

See the difference?

And if I want to achieve HUGE, EXTRAORDINARY, goals – well, I need that second girl to hang out as much as possible. The more often, the better.

If Moana stayed in the ‘average, normal’ brain state for the whole movie, she never would have had the courage to take the boat out on the ocean and go exploring and get lost and possibly never return (and we would have been bored AF watching that movie).


Find the song that lights you up. And don’t be ashamed to listen to it on repeat.

That’s what I’m doing, and my productivity has gone through the roof. Breakthrough after breakthrough. I may as well be taking [insert your favorite drug of choice here] I’m so pumped up.

And here is the full version including the Grandma intro:

I’m working on playing it at the piano and singing it, so maybe I’ll share that in a few weeks of practice.

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