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Entrepreneur Mindset: 8 ways of thinking that bring enormous success

Entrepreneur Mindset: 8 ways of thinking that bring enormous success

Yesterday I happened to stumble across this very famous image of the old lady/young woman (once you see one or the other, it is pretty challenging to see the opposite):

The message behind this image is that the same exact situation can appear DRASTICALLY different based on the person who is looking at it.

This is a great reminder to not only be aware and sensitive of how others are feeling/interpreting the same situation that you are in, but also to check yourself on your own perspectives in your own life.

Is your current perspective of your business, your competitors, your growth, your marketing campaign, your goals, and your opportunities serving you in a positive way? Or is it throttling you?

The only real difference between a successful entrepreneur that can meet all their financial goals on their own, and and someone who can’t, is their state of mind.

Anyone can make their business a million dollar company.

Anyone can rank at the top of Google.

Anyone can dominate their industry and take over.

But not many do.

It takes a certain kind of mindset.

Here are 9 ways that entrepreneurs consistently view the world that keep them focused on their vision and prevent them from ever having to return to the 9-5.

#1. Entrepreneurs think in abundance, not scarcity.

A person with an abundance mentality believes that there is always more to go around. More money, more opportunity, more relationships, more resources.

That means that they live with an open heart and mind, knowing that there is enough to go around for everyone. They know that ANYONE can start a great company. ANYONE can make a million dollars. ANYONE can reach their dreams. Its not about competition. Its not about stealing success from someone else. Real entrepreneurs know this. They don’t attempt to hide or conceal what they are doing in order to get ahead.

Meanwhile, others tend to think from a scarcity mindset. They grab onto things, and never want to let go. They pinch pennies. They are competitive. They resent others for their successes.

If you recognize some of the scarcity mentality ways of thinking in yourself, its a good time start shifting your thoughts into abundance. The scarcity mindset is an endless trap!

#2. While other complain, entrepreneurs innovate.

Rather than simply being content to b*tch and moan about a problem, an entrepreneur will innovate and come up with an alternative solution. This is true in almost every aspect of their lives.

Complaining takes energy. And talking about things outside provides a psychological release. To have someone listen to you complain and rant is incredibly satisfying – which means that most chronic complainers never take action on anything to make things better.

On the opposite side, entrepreneurs don’t waste any time complaining. They know that their energy is better spent on thinking about how to take action, how to move forward, make progress, and grow.

#3. Entrepreneurs hate being told what to do.

Now, nobody really *likes* to be told what to do. But for an entrepreneur, its not just annoying to be bossed around, its UNACCEPTABLE.

Entrepreneurs do not like the idea of an “authority figure” that they have to listen to, and they will typically incessantly question and argue with their superiors (which is very annoying).

This is one that people need to be more careful with. Some people think that they can start their own business and become an entrepreneur so that they can be free-spirited, have no more rules and restrictions, lose the rigid structure of the workplace, and most importantly – have no one to answer to ever again.

But there is a major problem with this outlook.

When you become an entrepreneur, its not that you no longer have anyone to answer to.

Now, you answer to yourself. This requires far more self-discipline, willpower, and motivation than answering to someone else ever will.

You have to set your own goals. Set your own schedule. Tell yourself what to do every day.

And its easy to do nothing. Its easy to get side-tracked, and to procrastinate. When you have a “big boss” telling you what to do, you do it. But when suddenly that “big boss” is yourself? It gets a lot easier to shirk your responsibilities.

And when this happens, entrepreneurs inevitably fail.

But the true entrepreneurs thrive here. They crave the added responsibility of being fully and 100% in charge of their own destiny. They embrace it. They look it straight in the face. They grab their life by the balls and make their goals happen.

Or as Stephen Covey puts it slightly more eloquently in his book 7 Habits for Highly Effective People:

“Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, obnoxious, or aggressive. It does mean recognizing our responsibility to make things happen…we are responsible for our own effectiveness, for our own happiness, and ultimately, I would say, for most of our circumstances.”

#4. Entrepreneurs are excited by successful people, not threatened.

Entrepreneurs are naturally attracted to successful businesses, ideas, and people. They try to surround themselves with it. It inspires them and encourages them to keep growing and building.

But the typical mindset is the opposite. Most people feel threatened when someone is smarter or more successful than themselves. They avoid these people, and tend to surround themselves with people who are below them in intelligence and/or success.

They also attempt to bring others down who are more successful them. We all know someone like this.

#5. Entrepreneurs are willing to takes risks, because staying safe means stagnation.

Not everyone likes to take risks. In fact, most people don’t.

Its uncomfortable.

Humans don’t like to put themselves in a position where its possible to lose something they have previously gained.

But entrepreneurs know that staying safe means staying normal. And normal is fine – just not for an ambitious entrepreneur.

If you’re not taking risks, you’re not growing. You’re not meeting new people, creating new opportunities, expanding your mind, or moving toward anything.

#6. Entrepreneurs outsource instead of attempt to do everything themselves.

The “”do-it-yourself” mentality stifles even the most creative and ambitious entrepreneur.

There is always the image of a self-starter wearing several different hats in their business. Working 60+ hours per week. Being scrappy and taking everything on themselves.

Some people are proud of it.

But its going to slow you down.

You just can’t do everything yourself. Not only is there not enough time for that, there are thousands of people who can do things better than you. Why not let them do it, so you can spend your time on the things that you are good at?

Every single minute you spend doing something that isn’t what drives you closer to your goal, is wasted opportunity.

What activity is taking up your time right now? Cut it out, or outsource it. Then see how much easier it is to focus tomorrow on what really matters.

#7. Entrepreneurs focus on growth, not distraction.

Entrepreneurs continually re-evaluate themselves, their goals, their progress, and their business. They enjoy looking at their progress as well as their mistakes and coming up with new strategies to keep growing and innovating.

This is great for their businesses because it means they are constantly staying on top of the trends and changes in their industry, and can easily out perform their competitors just by being flexible and willing to make changes as they go.

Non-entrepreneurs would rather not do that. They don’t spend as much time on growth or self-development. They tend to procrastinate more and spend time on menial tasks (facebook or binge-watching a new netflix show that they don’t even like).

#8. Employees give up easily, entrepreneurs never stop.

Sometimes entrepreneurs come off a little crazy. They have weird ideas and they keep going even though it seems like it will never work. But this is why we have airplanes…and satellite TV…and Facebook.

Because some weirdo(s) just wouldn’t give it up.

Entrepreneurs don’t give up even when everyone else is telling them to throw in the towel.

Its not that they are ignoring reality, its that they internalize that reality can be molded to what you make it.


So which are you – an employee or an entrepreneur?

This post highlighted 8 very positive aspects of an entrepreneur. But that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily the bees-knees. Entrepreneurs have lots of negative characteristics as well.

If you’re interested, I’ll write my next post on all the annoying and self-deprecating characteristics of an entrepreneur. Sound good?

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