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How to Get to the Bottom of Your Actual Passion

What is it about your industry that makes your heart sing?

Today I’m thinking about how daily motivation as an entrepreneur is primarily dependent on the perspective you take on your business.

Are you focusing on WHAT you do, HOW you do it, or WHY you do it?

The “what” is the outer layer of what you do – your basic product or service.
The “how” is the way that you do it, and is usually the thing you describe as being “passionate” about.
The “why” is what lights you up about – the thing that makes your heart sing.

The idea of asking “what makes your heart sing” instead of “what is your passion” was written about in the book Ted Like Ted by Carmine Gallo.

These should be the first three questions that a new business owner asks themselves before diving into their business plan.

Question 1 (WHAT): What is your job title? “I’m the CEO of the California Strawberry Commission”

Question 2 (HOW): What are you passionate about? “Promoting California strawberries.”

Question 3 (WHY): What about the industry makes your heart sing? The American dream. My parents were immigrants and worked in the fields. Eventually they were able to buy an acre of land and it grew from there. With strawberries, you don’t need a lot of land and you don’t need to own it; you can lease it. Its a stepping stone to the American dream”

This looks very similar to the idea that Simon Sinek presents in his book The Power of Why, that there are 3 layers behind why we wake up and do what we do each day:


Of course the core layer, “the why” is the most important. If the “why” is not there, then the outer layers suffer.

So many of us go to our day to day jobs and just think about what is that we’re doing [the what]. When we focus on this outer layer we have trouble focusing and staying motivated. It doesn’t really light us up. And if we stay in this uninspired zone for too long, we might even become disillusioned with what we’re doing altogether. Bored. Disappointed. Unfulfilled.

But what if we focus on the deeper purpose of why we do what we do?

So now for the favor I mentioned…

I would really like to hear from you guys about what you do, how you do it, and most importantly WHY you do it. What lights you up? What makes your heart sing?

I’m going to gather up some of your answers and write a blog post about it…would you mind helping me out by answering these 3 questions for yourself? I

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