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Is it REALLY possible to go from ZERO to 6-figures in 6 months?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably requires a helluva-lot of work.

One of my favorite business coach bloggers emailed me a link to one of her older posts this morning. The post was called “Six Figures in Six Months. Five Words With No Meaning.”

I really shouldn’t have read that post, because I hated it.

She basically says that all the gurus, business coaches, and successful internet entrepreneurs are all lying about being able to be super ridiculously successful in just a few months.

I couldn’t disagree more.

If you have a solid plan, a decent skill set, AND you are a ballsy mother f*cker, you can definitely achieve 6-figures in 6 months. Problem is, you have to have all 3 of these things, and most people only have 2.

See, if you have a solid plan + skills, you’ll have a great foundation, but you won’t have the guts to do what it takes to really get the ball rolling (I’m talking big spending, in order to make big money). Instead, you’ll be cautious, careful, you’ll test and retest, you’ll “dip your toe in the water” so to speak. You’ll make money, but you’ll grow slowly. Hitting the 6-figure mark in 6 months is just never going to happen for the non-risk takers of the world.

If you have skills + balls, you’ll be able to make some sh*t happen, but it will all fall apart. The key to 6-figures is easily repeatable systems and processes. If you don’t have this laid out from the beginning, you’ll be scrambling your tushy off.

If you have a solid plan + balls, you can get pretty far. Honestly you don’t need much skill to make a sh*t ton of money in this world. So maybe this would work, at least in the short term. You’ll have a leg up on your competition if you do have decent skills (and if you have amazing skills, you can wipe out everyone in your industry), but you definitely won’t make it work long term without them. However, you can always outsource the skilled work to someone who knows what they’re doing. Just be prepared to recruit top talent and pay good money for it.

Moral of the story is, before you start your “6-figures in 6-months” timer, get your sh*t together.

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