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Producing Something Crappy Vs Nothing At All

Producing Something Crappy vs. Producing Nothing At All

Today I find myself somewhere in the middle of Month 2 of my new “100 business” plan.

I guess you could say that the pressure is getting to me.

My first 2 projects from month 1 have stalled out a little bit.

  1. The delivery of product for my e-commerce store has been delayed. So currently I have nearly 1000/unique visitors per day going to a website that is not actually monetized. So thats $0/month.
  2. My niche membership site has stalled out. It needs more direction and systems in order to run without me. This one is at a few hundred per month, which doesn’t even cover the upkeep expenses.

This month, I am preparing for the relaunch of iCanSEO (version 2). This projects purpose is two-fold:

  1. To share the value I have to offer, which is more knowledge about SEO than any normal person would ever want or need to know Рthus helping other  business owners who can benefit from increased search rankings
  2. To fund my projects in the coming months – some of the projects I have planned require a pretty substantial upfront investment. Since I am at the beginning of this journey, I need to make sure I have the funds to get the snowball rolling, before it just turns into powder and slips through my fingers.

I am at the point where if I don’t accomplish something tangible that significantly pushes me forward in a day, I now feel like a complete failure.

I’ve spent the beginning of the month coming up with insanely great ideas, great strategy, new funnels, and a very organized “to do” list.

After that, I started “researching.” (Otherwise known as reading about other people’s journeys to accomplish something similar to my own goals, and then feeling bad because they are way further than me).

But so far, I haven’t taken any real action.

Why is that?




So I made up my mind about it.

Since I am obviously too scared to take action on my plans right now, I’ve decided that my plans are much too ambitious.

See, I in my mind I can see everything that I have accomplished, and it is all like a movie. I think that this movie is really screwing with me.

See, in the movie I’ve made up, everything has turned out¬†perfect.

I have executed everything just right, I’ve made all the right decisions, and everyone is cheering me on, Brittany Brittany!!

I’m a famous celebrity.

And everyone is throwing their money at me.


This movie is freaking scary.

It means that if I *gasp* make a mistake, or don’t do something 100% the best possible, or make a less-than-desirable decision about my business, then the whole entire movie is ruined.

So I have decided, that I am done with that movie.

I am going to work on a new movie, because right now, I am making 0% progress with my perfection movie.

The new movie is called “CRAPPY MOVIE”

The point of this movie, is not to be perfect, but just to exist at all. Because see, producing something crappy is better than producing nothing at all, amIright?

So instead of waiting for the perfect content to come to me, I’m going to settle for the crappy content.

Instead of waiting to conjure up the most perfectly strategized funnel for my new product, I’m just going to settle for the crappy one.

And I’m just going to keep going and going, making one crappy decision after another.

And in this way, I am going to get sh*t done. And maybe it will be sh*tty, but I no longer care, because at least I will have made a “something” rather than a “nothing”, and hopefully I can learn enough from my “something” that my “something after the first sh*tty something” with be a tiny bit better.

Alright, thats settled.


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