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>>>SEO Solutions 👩‍💻


Stuck AF – An SEO audit and action plan for normal people. I check everything, but don’t bore you with details. I’ll give you an SEO action plan that is so clear,  your grandma could follow it.


Minimalist SEO – Link building at its finest. I will build you one amazing, high quality link every month. Works like a charm for low-competition industries and/or locations.


Content Crab – I’ll do keyword research to get you a set of high traffic, low competition keywords to target your blog posts around for up to an entire year. I’ll find the shiny gems, you just write the blog posts.


iCanSEO – A complete, online course to learn SEO from start to finish.



Looking for one-on-one SEO service? “Brittany, please just do it all!!”

I don’t take very many new clients. I treat my clients like a partner/family/my 4th child. But if you are bugging out that I’m the perfect addition to SEO your website to the top with the rest of Google’s royal picks, go here to learn how it all works.

>>>Micro Consults 💁🏻‍♀️


>>>Free Stuff 🙋🏻‍♀️


SEO Buddy – My Facebook group for intelligent business owners & entrepreneurs. Its not always about SEO, because SQUIRREL. Join here.


LinkStation – A members area for acquiring the four “B’s of Backlinks” – BUY ’em, BEG for ’em, BUILD ’em, or BRIBE your way to ’em! Free to join & learn.


Blog Interviews & Podcasts – This is something I’m working on. I’d love to offer you an interview for extra online presence and to meet you. Guaranteed the post will rank in Google when you search your brand! Apply here.


Hey Girl, Mastermind – I’m putting a mastermind together for bright, ambitious entrepreneurs, both online and off. If you’re interested, apply here. There is currently no charge.


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