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the compound effect by brittany race

My Mission: I will give love & attention to my family and create beautiful life experiences. I will stay closely aligned with my purpose so that each day my life’s “work” feels as exciting as my favorite hobby. I will give to others as much as I can – value, help, connection.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”        Albert Einstein

Hi, I’m Brittany Race.

I help awesome people meet their business and personal goals via my blog posts, paid marketing services, online courses, and in-person consultations.

I believe that all of us are really just on a mission to find and live our true purpose. And by helping you find yours, I am living out mine.

✔️Areas of Expertise: search engine optimization, business strategy, productivity hacks, and goal setting.

I can also recommend a great book for nearly any situation 🙂

Life Principles & Values

A few of my most proud moments:

  • ✳️ I’ve ranked over 450+ keywords in the top 3 of Google for my clients
  • ✳️ I’ve worked with not 1, not 2, but THREE top-level corporate tech companies with 5 and 6-figure monthly marketing budgets who happily ditched their more typical high-brow “SEO Agency” to come work with me
  • ✳️ I’ve helped countless small business build out their websites and one by one flip all 7 Google switches to the “on” setting – and I’ve watched their rankings & revenues soar (not to mention their lifestyles)
  • ✳️ I work 15-hour work-weeks because I have financial security and systems in place to get new customers through the door consistently, and I get to spend the rest of my time with my husband and 3 young children
  • ✳️ I travel all around the world with my family of 5 (we vacation every 10 weeks)

Something I dislike about myself is…

I can’t quit biting my nails, and its been 25 years.

My inspiration is…

Brene Brown

My crazy someday goal is…

To create a world famous tourist attraction!

Whats Next?

Check out my products, apply for client SEO, or reach out.