Hi, I’m a Worship Drummer


I studied classical piano at University of Colorado Boulder as a piano major.

I spent much of 2022 studying drums with Luke Anderson – drummer for Elevation Worship (check out his Instagram).

I am a perfectionist which has led me to winning 30+ piano recitals since I was 9 years old.

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I am currently a fill-in drummer at several churches. I was playing in a pop/punk/early 2000’s emo cover band that gigged at bars before my recent move. I’d like to be in an originals group with a Christian focus (but not necessarily CCM). I am also searching for a home church where I can use my skills as a worship drummer and also challenge myself to grow and improve.


💪Strong emotion on the drums, 👖locked in pocket, 👂excellent listening, 🙌strong ability to worship while I’m playing, 🥁always over prepared,💓play to click, 💻multi-tracks/PlanningCenter/prime, 🏃‍♀️fast learner, 💕humble, 📚teachable, ⚡energetic, 🙈decent sense of humor.

I’ve also got a pretty cool rehearsal studio close to Nashville, located in Spring Hill TN.

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Weaknesses: I’ve got basic level Ableton skills. Would love to level up with being able to create my own tracks and trigger loops and sounds. Which leads me to my second weakness – I am a beginner with using the Roland SPD-SX or similar. I’ve never recorded in a studio, but I would love to have a mentor or opportunity to learn how. I’m patient and I’m a good student!

My Spiritual Priorities: Above all, my desire and prayer is to become less of me, and more of Him. Aside from that, I pray for 3 main goals in my life, if it is His will: 1) to be led where I can help and serve my neighbors, 2) to feed and nourish my own and my families’ bodies with good food and good word from God, and finally 3) to be able to play drums while I do these things.

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About Me: I’m a normal height 4’11” girl. I usually have a ponytail. I’m from Denver – Go Broncos! I’ve been married to my wonderful and supportive husband for 11 years now, and we have 3 kids. Our family has 🛫travelled to over a dozen countries and tried many different adventures – our most recent was living on a farm (we are not farmers!) with cows, ducks, horses, ponies, and chickens🐔! We currently live in Spring Hill, TN, outside of Nashville.

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I have a spunky personality. A pastor recently called me “tender hearted” but I see myself as being more “punk rock.” 🤘😎 I think I’m somewhere in between 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I can be a bit of a nerd and I definitely have a determined passion and ambition for worship music.

My Drumming Priorities:

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💕Humility, Reliability, & Listening Skills

Quite possibly the most important skills in a drummer! I’m excellent at following direction, showing up prepared & on time, and supporting the band leader with honor and to the best of my abilities.

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🔒Locking in the Groove

Sometimes simpler is better. I love to play in the pocket. I play very well with a click or track. I’m a highly dynamic player and I listen to what the song needs as well as what the team needs at that moment.

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🥁Driving Emotion

My job is to build with emotion, passion, and intensity. Worship builds are where a drummer is really pushed to fill out the song and drive it where it needs to go. 🙌


  • Seminol Baptist | 903-348-9975 | Whitney Vowell
  • Life.Church | Instagram | Rich Gilliland III
  • South Haven Baptist | 417-230-0615 | Chad Spencer
  • Courageous Church | 417-773-9004 | Ajay Holmes
  • Real Life Church | 870-656-6925 | Dallas Daniel
  • Emmanuel Church | 815-915-5558 | Ben Carlson

Plans & Projects

My ultimate goal is to find a full-time position as worship drummer at a church that writes original worship music.

🚙 I will relocate/travel for the right opportunity! 🥁

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