New Year’s Weekend

brittany drums

We’re starting off 2022! I’m very excited. I’ve got lots of new drumming goals for the coming year.

Here are some of my drumming goals:

  1. Get my single stroke roll to 92bpm (16ths) and CONTROLLED and ACCENTED ANYWHERE. My goal is to play this like it’s nothing. Any advice would be appreciated LOL. I’m at about 80bpm comfortable right now.
  2. Gig with my band! Yeah!
  3. Play cleaner hats…this isn’t measurable but…yes, cleaner hats!
  4. Get my Youtube videos ranking for their keywords!
  5. My biggest goal = Publish 1 video per week ALL YEAR
  6. Learn some new styles (jazz, latin stuff, maybe some more metal-y vibes)
  7. Mic up my kit with individual mics! I love my EAD10 but yes, mics are on my list for this year.

I’ve got SOME non-drum related goals too:

-take the kids skating at least once per month

-spend more time outdoors

-I might think of some more….

Thats all for now!

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