Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Stock Pad – Review

I bought this practice pad 4 months ago and its time for a little review of it. I like this pad pretty well. I LOVE Vic Firth, so naturally I enjoy using their drum pad. Vic Firth was also the brand of the first drum pad I ever owned (a little 6″ grey pad”) and so it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

vic firth practice pad review
Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Stockpad! Looks good!

This isn’t my favorite pad. I have 12 practice pads. I rank this pad #6. So right in the middle.

I’ll start with the things I like about it:

The Good:

  • My favorite thing about this pad is that its PURPLE. Yep, it’s purple. It really doesn’t look purple in the product photos online, and it doesn’t look purple in the photo I took of it. It appears to be a brownish/mahogany color. I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed this drum pad and saw that it was actually purple. 🤩 If you watch the video you can see more of the purple color.
  • The pad is nice and thin and light. I like that. Too many pads these days are like quadruple stacked hamburgers. Just a nice, simple, thin practice pad. I appreciate that.
  • I like the shape of the pad, how there is a little bit of wooden base at the top to act as a little carrying handle.
  • The tapping sound is nice (check out my Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Stock Pad video)
  • The pad is medium-high bouncy, and helps me focus on my rebound control.
vic firth drum pad
The base is pretty thin and the material on each side is very thin.

The Bad:

  • There’s nothing really bad about this pad. Its nice to look at, easy to carry from room to room (although it would definitely not fit in my backpack) and its got a normal, expected gum rubber feel.
  • The feel is a little too bouncy for my taste, so its not an every day use pad for me.

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