The Blessing Drum Cover – Elevation Worship

No matter what anyone says, I will always love this song! Some people complain that its too repetitive, but I love that. I love the slow building, I love the unusual drum grooves, placing the snare on 2/4 sometimes, 4 other times, and other times placing the snare on what seems like every beat!

It really just repeats a few different verses of the Bible. Its more of a prayer and a meditation. Others have criticized the song for being an “ask” rather than a “worship.” I do agree that this is true. The Blessing is a song that asks God for blessings in life, rather than simply giving God praise. I think both are extremely important!

I hope you enjoy my drum cover on YouTube. This was the most difficult song I’ve learned thus far, and it took me hours of work. Thanks for checking it out!

The Blessing Drum Cover

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